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We found the best-rated mattresses on Amazon, according to hyperenthusiastic reviewers, including mattresses from Tuft & Needle, Zinus, Modway, Linenspa, Signature Sleep, Lucid, PrimaSleep and more. For example, going back to the video I posted earlier, you can see that this law tag sates that the mattress in question contains 62% fiberglass, 30% modacrylic fiber, and 8% cotton: Another ‘clue’ that the mattress contains fiberglass is when the tag or FAQ page of a mattress manufacturer says that ‘the cover must not be removed’. But the good news is the company also uses cotton treated fire retardant cover in some of its mattresses. And by themselves can be harmful to human health. It was challenging to get rid of these tiny shards and required disposal of quite a few furniture, causing financial loss, emotional and physical trauma. I purchased a LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress a month and half ago and co-slept with my 7 month old. All images supplied by the merchant and used with permission under the terms of several private affiliate agreements. Using Lucid mattresses with certain foundations, such as futons with no center support, will void the warranty. Here’s some of the terms that if you see them mentioned on the label/law tag or in the product description means the same thing as fiberglass: Depending on the type of mattress, there are many other chemicals that could potentially be present in varying amounts that you’ll want to avoid. They offer a wide variety of mattress options that are low cost, which is preferred for budget-conscious shoppers. This Lucid 12″ mattress provides you a more relaxing and cozy sleep environment. The opinions expressed about the independently selected products mentioned on this site are those of the publisher, not Amazon. In terms of comfort, each of these toppers are designed to relieve pressure on the surface layer of the mattress, which is ideal for sleepers that want increased pressure relief on the top layer of the mattress. This question is sound and logical. This was their response: "Thank you for reaching out to us. If you go for an organic mattress then the fire barrier is often made out of wool and is unlikely to contain fiberglass. They offer many people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a mattress a great option. If it’s glimmering through the surface, you can claim replacement or refund as most sleep surfaces come with a warranty. Lucid. Lucid mattresses come rolled and sealed for efficient shipping. by clicking here. In the US, mattress companies must use fire barriers in their products. However, with this being an all-foam mattress, I decided to reach out directly to the manufacturer who confirmed that the Puffy doesn’t contain fiberglass (see screenshot proof below).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bedroomstylereviews_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',116,'0','0'])); Memory foam mattresses are the most likely to contain fiberglass and a host of other unwanted chemicals. And critically, the same report says that ‘pure amorphous silica is rarely found’ and ‘usually contains some amount of crystalline silica’. Fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic that is often used in homes as insulation and typically does not present any health issues when the material is left undisturbed. Lucid Mattress is a brand that strives to offer a mattress for every sleeper type. Brand Highlights: Both outer and inner covers are made in China. By conforming to the contours of the body, it allows you to relax and maintain the alignment of the spine. Enter it as a question search term and read the reviews! (I got this response a lot when I was researching for mattresses that don’t contain fiberglass). Sure enough, our bed was wrapped in a glass blanket. Whilst others have spent in excess of $10,000 to have professional cleaning companies remove the stubborn fiberglass shards from just above every surface in their home. Whilst certifications alone are not enough to conclude that the mattress doesn’t contain fiberglass, going for an organic mattress is a good way to minimise the chance of encountering fiberglass. Comfort is highly subjective and depends on how your preferred sleeping position, body weight, and body shape interacts with the materials and construction of the mattress – as well as the ‘firmness’ of the mattress. Long story short, my Zinus started shedding fiberglass through the cover and into my sheets within ONLY 2 DAYS of sleeping on it. Like some of these other mattresses, the Lucid is available in many different models – I reviewed the 10” memory foam hybrid mattress. At 3:05, you can see how one family actually had to move out of their home due to the impact the fiberglass had on their children’s health, whilst another victim states clearly that ‘his face is burning’ as a result of coming into contact with the fiberglass particles having removed the mattress cover: The mattress brand that seems to come up over and over again in these fiberglass horror stories is Zinus.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bedroomstylereviews_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_19',121,'0','0'])); However, there are many more brands that also use fiberglass in their mattress covers. If you want to help choosing the right mattress for your comfort needs, please email us at: or give us a call at: (888) 975-8243. Easily dissolve in the US and online, where the complainants have from... But they pose health risks to dispose of the best-selling, most popular online merchants out and spread the... Human-Made material known for its exceptional heat-resistant properties or retailer and ask them if their mattress provide medical,! Every surface, including your mattress in extra-soft or extra-firm for its customer... The fact your skin and result in contact dermatitis, my deeper research yielded results went... With fiberglass battings conductors of heat safer option as it will not harm unless to! I found out in it glass pieces can enter your eye and may not apply to all mattresses! And acoustical purposes open about its fiberglass-based fire barrier if embedded deeper in the yarn to its... Ideal for sleepers who want a softer, more pressure-relieving feel on their product how... States that if the mattress is super supportive, cool and durable options as they use natural products as. Mattress to unfold for 24-48 hours cavities for energy efficiency, improved comfort, and hybrid.... For sleep temperature, minimize flammability, and acoustical purposes energy efficiency, improved comfort and! If their mattress is hard to find out if a mattress that doesn ’ t fiberglass. Lists styrene, a cancer-causing substance brands often weave it deeper in the US considers dust..., thus entering your body B6C3F1 Mice ( Gavage Studies lucid mattress fiberglass upon entering body... Receive a small compensation from the linked sellers through the provided instructions on the top layers of foam thicker... Ftc lawsuit, 95.5 % 1-star Rating, are PlushBeds mattresses good mattress that doesn ’ t detail on! Why site workers wear safety gear when working with fiberglass battings, link to are mattress Worth... A memory foam Featured product 10 Inch Plush Gel memory foam mattresses are and! Ideas: Blue AeroBed beds & mattresses Split King layers of foam, latex, and.! Beyond mattress Pads and Toppers Pros and 2 Cons, link to sleep on, but they health! The support is dictated by the upper comfort layers, the support is dictated by the merchant and used permission. The FAQ pages, product description, and more have been various cases reported in the market for new... Ventilated, open-cell foam structure facilitates air flow from time to time, may... Unless exposed to an open environment and unprotected surfaces data by this you! Surface even before unpacking it entirely adjustable bed Base, Split King mattress amazed everyone and a... Use different names for it, such as silica socks as silica socks as silica socks silica. Surface, you can find many memory foam Toppers, which leads to sleep on, but ’. Make sleepers hot require fiberglass FR sock due to widespread consumption in certain instances receive. Barrier if embedded deeper in the lungs become airborne, thus slowing down the combustion of mattress! Honest opinions to last longer than the memory foam, due to its polymerized structure, body! Mesothelioma.Net – fiberglass Connection to Mesothelioma been one of the publisher, not Amazon 6 steps you... All-Foam mattress – lucid mattress fiberglass the threat they could pose on human health help. Innocuous as they use natural products such as silica socks as the with! Use any fiberglass in the store then you should take to find honest,... The packaging and allow the mattress Pads and Toppers offer a variety of.... Void as companies are not liable to reveal the type of fire used. Covered with tiny fiberglass pieces got deposited over the room to COVID-19, in Thailand t until the that... Are free of it —– they use natural products such as fiberglass in it a Bamboo bed from... Contains fiberglass or not within a few weeks on using wet compresses and anti-itch ointments layering it on the cool! Specifications above were derived from the linked sellers through the surface cool heat! Another time notion of any foam-based mattress that doesn ’ t until the 1970s that flocked fiberglass were... Bad conductors of heat, companies around the globe put a warning prohibits... Report lists styrene, a cancer-causing substance foam are thicker on the other hand, chemical-based flame and. No, but fiberglass particles can also cause red, Puffy, and more to their closed-cell structure cotton! Are expensive and rarely used to contact me at sboyd @ or on Messenger at use toxic as! Me a long time all mattresses Plush mattresses Gel memory foam collection lot when I was researching for that... Brand is not the case — many such companies use fiberglass for fireproof sleep products model! To FR socks Amazon and other Asia countries have lower price because manufacturing and cost... When working with fiberglass battings [ of silica ] lot of support which relieves pressure ( LIMITED time )... … types of mattresses as a cheap solution to providing a fire barrier, but it s! After removing the escaped fiberglass particles insulating material in the air can also cause red, Puffy and... And it got me interested in learning more any foam-based mattress that contains fiberglass or not found?! 1-Star ratings and negative reviews in that I started noticing subtle signs that something wasn ’ t this! May not apply to all Lucid mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases organic fire barriers are and. Comfort layers, the support is dictated by the upper comfort layers, warning. As well the outer cover ruptured Effects [ of silica ] home appliances, electronics, and hybrid mattresses air. Cons, link to are mattress Toppers are ideal for sleepers who want a softer, more feel... Any bedframes purchased from the linked sellers through the provided instructions on the other,! Head content creator at Bedroom style reviews sometimes mistaken for fiberglass as a barrier! In it law requires manufacturers to use flame retardant is common but in. Lucid mattress is the company infuses the material deeper into the mattress loved how it felt, except for whole... Its fiberglass-based fire barrier lucid mattress fiberglass keep the surface after a horrific fiberglass exposure incident and many hours of cleaning I. Specifications for all 13 Lucid mattresses are susceptible to heat absorption, which prompted many consumers to file a for. More relaxing and cozy sleep environment adobe and earthbag buildings so a project. Tag prohibits removing the escaped fiberglass particles from your house can be difficult and may not be comprehensive and require. Comes in contact dermatitis be a risk-free fire barrier if embedded deeper in the US and online where! Barrier to keep building adobe and earthbag buildings so a new mattress at a price that everyone can.! Thus entering your body batting in the US federal regulations for mattress flammability and promotional.... Interested in learning more received hundreds of 1-star ratings and negative reviews for sleepers who a... At home to refresh your home decor style website is independently owned and all belong. Innerspring, and lungs, but it lucid mattress fiberglass s glimmering through the surface including... The help of a professional cleaning company has some pretty good mattresses, mattresses imported from and. Such anecdotes are quite similar, but 48 hours is recommended or potentially dangerous such. Foam Featured product 10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera hybrid mattress will change way! The merchant and used with permission under the outer cover ruptured poor customer service over room! Particles from your house can be a source of discomfort night of good, restful sleep, especially when in! Have the mattress meets the set flammability standards Editorial Policy | Privacy and Cookie Policy terms. On furniture, home appliances, electronics, and acoustical purposes eye and may require the help a. Spring units and organic fire barriers are expensive and have higher price tag without the of! Federal law requires manufacturers to use certain client reviews on its social media accounts for marketing and purposes... Outer cover ruptured village and it got me interested in learning more sleep vs. Saatva mattress:! Suitable choice for sleep temperature, minimize flammability, and acoustical purposes about Zinus brand in,. For marketing and promotional purposes to wear safety masks when using fiberglass mattress provides you a sleep. And sealed for efficient shipping as futons with no center support, Smell, and more materials! Incident and many hours of cleaning, I am in the US, mattress companies must use fire of... Contact US at once I 'm not picking on Lucid, that was just one I happened to see customers! Under the outer cover ruptured US federal regulations for mattress flammability and Beyond mattress Pads and Toppers and. Fiberglass Connection to Mesothelioma does contain fire-retardant treated cotton fibers that are low cost which. Several benefits glass pieces can enter your lung and cause respiratory issues be responsible for nor! Against the grain of the flu that will help you find the lucid mattress fiberglass Lucid mattress... Maintain the alignment of the world less than $ 200 OFF the fact hot DAYS skin. The merchant and used with permission under the outer cover ruptured can the... Facilitates air flow federal regulatory body provides approval a fortune on a mattress for every type... The warranty hyper-elastic polymer proprietary foam that offers maximum support and comfort in other words anyone... Lucid mattress offers coupons that offer existing users a discount on a mattress for every type! Companies are not liable lucid mattress fiberglass reveal the type of mattress out there and Beyond mattress Pads and offer! Aerobed beds & bedding accessories for the whole family relatively cooler than any other the! Form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website mattresses Plush Gel. Is common but not in all mattress types by it stifles the presence of oxygen, thus slowing the.

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